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Risk & Compliance

Risk & Compliance

IQ is committed to sourcing the right candidates for risk and compliance roles given that they are intergral to keeping businesses on track. We source risk management candidates who have a strong track record in forseeing and assessing any financial risks and putting forward viable alternatives.

We also understand that compliance is playing an increasing role in financial insitutions given the increase in stringent legislation and regulation and the requirement for permits, licences, systems and processes to meet regulatory standards. We source candidates that are confident and experienced in enacting compliance measures and navigating the minefield of regulatory requirements.

We specialise in sourcing risk professionals for a wide range of Risk & Compliance related areas including:

Credit Risk
Enterprise Risk
Market Risk
Operational Risk
Regulatory Risk
Compliance Officer
Forensic Accounting
Compliance Specialist
AML / KYC Specialists
Money Laundering Reporting Officer
Risk & Compliance

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