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Quality Engineering

Quality Engineering

Test at Speed & Scale through our QE services & solutions with our latest tools & methodologies . Achieve quicker releases & ensure quick ROI with IQ. A one stop solution for all your QE need. Our highly qualified teams will help you meet project of any scale and complexity and deliver within time and budget.

Next Gen e2e Services

Advisory Consulting

  • Test Strategy & Architecture
  • Testing CoE
  • Custom Tools & Framework Development

Enterprise Testing

  • ERP Implementation Testing
  • SAP Hybris/ Oracle Xstore
  • Deployments and Support

Emerging Tech

  • AI/ML
  • IoT/ Block Chain
  • Cognitive Testing

Quality Engineering

  • Test Automation (API/UI)
  • Continuous Testing / DevOps
  • Performance Engineering
  • Service¬†Virtualization
  • Test Environment and Test Data Management
  • Mobile App Testing

Digital Testing

  • Data Analytics Testing
  • Big Data Testing
  • Cloud Integration Testing
  • Mobility & Omni Channel
  • Testing on Device Farms
  • End to End Business Flows

QA Services


Our automation process helps reduce time by automating the repetitive tasks with well-developed tools and technologies and enhancing the testing quality affordably by choosing the right tool for your project.


At IQ we do compatibility testing across all major devices, multiple Operating systems, and web browsers to ensure that an application is compatible with all OS, software applications, and hardware you support. Our dedicated team will work on your project and provide a report consisting of all the bugs and incompatibilities discovered.


Infinity Quest Functional Testing services validates the software system against the functional requirements. Our expertise test each function of the software application by providing appropriate input and verifying the output against the requirements to provide products with minimum bugs.


Our team of engineers tests the applications developed for mobile devices of all shapes and sizes for its functionality, usability, and compatibility with multiple devices and platform.


We perform performance testing to determine the responsiveness and stability of a system under a particular workload and measure the scalability, reliability, and resource usage. Our solutions provide an efficient way to handle load, performance, and stress tests in a cost effective manner.


Our QA engineers test the usability of all software and applications are user-friendly. We help in solving all the usability problems and make sure that your customers will be satisfied with your product.

Quality Engineering

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